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The battle of a player against an online casino and finding the right strategy is always very exciting. Players usually focus on reducing their losses. And in this regard, the Aviator Bet Calculator will help them, which will allow them to make calculations in advance.

Provably Fair Calculator and Gambling Explanation

One of the key points is understanding the basic rules and strategies of a particular game. Knowing the rules can prevent unnecessary bets and reduce the risk of accidental mistakes. Before you start playing, you need to set budget limits. This decision will help to avoid rash bets. Accounting for all bets and winnings will help the player understand their current situation and make informed decisions.

Applying budget management strategies such as the Martingale method can also be helpful. However, this requires careful analysis. Such strategies must be used with caution.

What is Provably Fair Gaming?

These methods of doing business have gained popularity in the online casino industry due to increased user confidence in the designated platforms. Traditional casinos have long-faced distrust from players due to possible manipulation of the results. The introduction of cryptographic algorithms into the generation process, as well as control over the verification of bet outcomes, ensured the transparency and predictability of each game. This approach ensures not only the randomness of the result but also the possibility of independent verification to confirm honesty.

The specific implementation of the mechanism largely depends on the very approach that the casino uses. While some platforms offer anyone who wants to check with third-party resources, others provide information on the platform itself. Some just show screenshots or give out other information.


Despite the active use of this technology and the availability of information, many players are still rather distrustful of it. The main reason for this distrust is the experience of dealing with scammers in the past, as well as a lack of understanding of what the benefit of the casino itself is. But the site actually earns more by attracting the attention of visitors and encouraging them to spend money.


Thus, the approach itself can be reduced to the following:

  • Use of cryptography. This method means a certain (and often quite good) protection against hacks, hackers, manipulations, and any other cheating. In fact, it’s also safe for casinos, which, thanks to this approach, don’t have to worry that their programs will be deceived with the help of progressive software.
  • Ultimate transparency. The algorithm is understandable; you can learn about it; all the information is provided. That is, you can’t be afraid that someone will hide something from the players.
  • Lack of influence from the human factor. Casino employees or third parties can’t in any way influence how this method works. This isn’t possible either by juggling numbers or by some kind of interference.

The basis is random generation. As a rule, the data for it’s taken from different sources. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the fact that someone will somehow influence the direction of the casino company.

At the same time, some users, even with such an honest approach, complain that they don’t have enough information. It’s worth making sure that you receive all the information that is safe for you to provide, no more and no less.

Is it possible to cheat and hack this technology?

Perhaps this is one of the most common questions. It can also be called the blue dream by many players. There are urban legends about how some lucky player found a loophole in the online casino system and won millions. Then, according to the scenario of the incredible story, he was paid this amount only for never again telling anyone about this security hole.


You need to understand that all such stories are reminiscent of the incredible stories that fishermen tell each other about the size of their catch. Hunters often boast of the same feats. Also, stories can be distributed by not very conscientious people who want to force people to make a paid subscription to their courses in this way.


The main meaning of such a trap is a feigned demonstration that there is some kind of secret that is well known to the author. And for a certain amount in dollars, euros, rupees, or other currencies, he is ready to share this secret with you. In fact, of course, there is no secret or magic way. Everything is on the surface: the approach is known, and you can do all the calculations yourself, taking into account the risks and your budget. For this, you don’t need secret knowledge. It’s enough to own the information that is in the public domain.

Provably Fair Calculator

If you are seriously interested in the gameAviator“, where only one naked calculation reigns, then the calculator will help you figure out what exactly the optimal bet should be. For calculations, the same algorithms are used that the casino uses. But you need to understand that it will be very difficult to know the exact indicators in advance. The thing is, a lot depends on the case.

Please note that all calculations can be done on the site. But if you want, you can download a special application for yourself. In this case, you’ll have the opportunity to calmly do calculations at any time, regardless of the presence of an Internet connection.


Many players doubt that they could be provided with an honest calculator. Again, questions arise about the benefits for the casino. But it was already said above that it’s objectively beneficial for the casino to demonstrate honesty. Sites earn based on the total number of players in any case.


On our site, you can find only proven calculators. They are completely safe to use; there are no risks for you or your devices. It’s also worth noting that we don’t have OS or hardware requirements that aren’t feasible for today’s devices. And even if you don’t have the newest laptop or smartphone, you can still do the calculations.


It’s also worth considering that the calculator is constantly updated. We’ve the latest version of this program. Updates are connected not only with compliance with modern technical requirements. They fix errors and improve the logic of calculations. Thanks to this, such programs give more accurate answers.


Remember that the calculator itself isn’t risk insurance at all. Such a program must be able to be used. And no calculations will help you get a 100% guarantee that you won’t lose money. With the help of such a program, you can only reduce this risk but not completely eliminate it, which must be taken into account.


An important point: using a calculator and experimenting with different strategies, even with errors, is much better than betting without any strategy at all. Reckless betting is a sure way to lose all your money. Therefore, using a calculator, if you’ve chosen the Aviator game, is definitely worth it.

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